We are Lost

We are drunk with our worldly wine, our knowledge and inventions.
We are satisfied with our defiled lives.
We refuse to follow the righteousness we dislike.
We have forgotten our own Creator and walk by our own.
Our minds are occupied by all the worldly thoughts.
We cannot discern the truth from the lies.

Despite that, Lord God, you know that we are not totally corrupted.
We try to be upright and good in our own understanding.
We desire a good world, but we don’t know what is good.
We forsake the churches of traditions.
We are lost.

If you would have your favor and patient to teach us again,
and give us understanding,
Lord Jesus, we may come back to You.
Please don’t give up on us now.
We don’t want the dreadful hell we don’t understand.
Help us to know.
Lord, because you are good and full of mercy,
please show us the way of the truth and the life.


He Cares

Father, you always listen to me,
every single thing I say.
You provide me with all I need.
You fulfill even my very simple desires.
Father, if you care so much of my every thought,
the smallest and not-so-important ones,
I know that you never ignore my bigger and biggest concerns.
Even though it seems like nothing happen and you hear me not,
I know that you are all ears, you know and you care.
My concerns are not simple.
They take time, lots of prayers and fasting.
Help me, Father, to work hard because I know,
everything I do will never goes into vain.
You always see and reward me.

My Father is so faithful.
He was and always be.
He is my only helper in the time of need,
and there is nothing too big for Him.
I don’t know many things about Him,
what He thinks and what it is in His heart,
but I trust Him.
If I cannot trust Him,
I cannot trust anyone else.

Follow the Ancient Commands

The Recabite followed the commands of their forefather Jonadab.
They do not drink wine, although it is offered to them.
They fully obeyed everything their forefather commanded them.
Therefore God gave them a promise,
that Jonadab will always have a man to serve the Lord.

However, to the people who will not learn a lesson and obey God’s word,
disasters against them have been pronounced.
Because God spoke to them, but they did not listen.
Because God called them, but they never answered.

Listen to God when He rebukes you.
Turn from your wicked ways and reform your actions.
He is forgiving and faithful to those with sincere hearts.
Pay attention to His words.
His words are not too old to follow.

What is Right?

What everyone does is not necessarily right.
What everyone says is not always correct.
What people tell you is not always sound.
Be careful to watch your actions out.
Be selective with the world’s attitudes
and the words around you.
Remember what is proper to do,
and follow your good conscience.
Give up not to do what the wicked ones do,
because you are not one of them.

Who will Listen?

Senseless people have eyes and do not see
They have ears and do not hear
Although God always speaks

“To whom can I speak and give warning?
Who will listen to me?” asked God.

Their ears are closed so they cannot hear
The word of the Lord is offensive to them
They find no pleasure in it

Find pleasure in the word of the Lord
He surely speaks to us
If we humbly listen

Jeremiah 6:10

Listening Atmosphere

Create yourself a listening atmosphere.
Tune your spiritual ear to listening to the Holy Spirit voice.
Any time any where, He can talk to you,
if you listen.

(Joyce Meyer)

The Demeanor of the Righteous

He who walks righteously,
speaks what is right,
refuses temptations of wrongdoings,
keeps his hand clean,
stops his ears from hearing diabolic plans,
and shuts his eyes against pondering evil.

Isaiah 33:15