Keep Your Fire Burning

How to keep our fire burning?

God himself has given the answer as He gave this command as a duty of Aaron and his sons, the appointed priests.

12 The fire on the altar must be kept burning; it must not go out. Every morning the priest is to add firewood and arrange the burnt offering on the fire and burn the fat of the fellowship offerings on it. (Lev 9:12. NIV)

What should the priest do every morning? Every morning means a daily activity. It is not just a one time action. We need to do the followings everyday we live.

1. Add firewood

What is firewood? It is something that keeps the fire burning. It is everything that keeps our fire burning. Everything, everything, that you know you should do to keep your fire burning: pray, read the bible, fast, give praise and worship, keep your heart clean, give forgiveness, etc – you can add it by yourself.

Fire is to consume. It always needs something to keep it burning. We need to provide (or do) everything to keep our fire burning. We cannot be lack of firewood for our fire not to cease.

Make sure you add enough firewood.

2. Arrange the burnt offering

What should we give as a sacrifice for burnt offering?

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship. (Rom 12:1)

Are you dare to climb the altar and give yourself as a living sacrifice?

What does it mean to give ourselves as living sacrifices? How can I do so?

By giving our lives to God: our hearts, our minds, our time, our decisions, our words, our deeds, just everything. Our bodies represent our whole beings in this world. We speak with our tongues (parts of our bodies). We walk, we move, we act with our bodies. We live within these bodies. So, offering our bodies is offering our whole beings and our lives.

Giving ourselves to God means yielding completely to the Holy Spirit. It is like wake up in the morning and ask Him “What should I do today?”, although our agenda is already full. It is to close our eyes and ask Him “What should I pray for?”, although we have a prayer list in our hands. It is to open a door and ask Him “Where should I go? To the left or to the right?”, although we have already known where to go. It is go to a canteen and ask Him “What should I eat?”, although we have own desires to eat something. It is to open your book and ask Him “Which page should I read?”.  It is to go shopping and ask Him “What should I buy?”

It is something very practical, but it is not very easy. Since we are rational beings, we tend to do everything according to our reason, our sense, our will, etc. It just happens naturally and we have been very used to do everything according to our own will. We usually have plans of actions in our head. So, we are likely to forget asking God. Now, we have to discipline ourselves to ask, to yield to God.

I would gladly give back my freewill, my body, my mind to God. Perhaps it would be easier if I were like a robot, so I would just do automatically what God wants. However, thanks God, it does not work like that. He wants us to learn to do His will, so that our will turns out to be like His will; our characters to be transformed like His. He wants us to become just like Him with all our beings – with our freewill, our mind, our bodies, etc – in awareness, in accordance to His, so that our sense become like His sense; our heart become like His heart; and so on and so on.

3. Burn the fat of the fellowship offering

What do we put on the top of the firewood and burnt offering?
Fellowship offering. That means a thankful heart. Unceasing thanksgivings.

In every situation, every every situation, never never fail to give thanks. Especially, in the most sorrowful situations, those are the best chances to produce our most beautiful thanks.

Do not give a chance to doubtful thoughts. We must have this as the very first valid theory: Our Father is good. It is a tautology; it is always true; it is a truth. Anything cannot make it false. It can never be false. Any thought which contradicts it is not derivable.

If we carve the truth in our hearts and minds all the time, we would never lose reasons to give thanks. We might not be able to understand the reasons of every situation, but if we open our hearts to trust Him, we will just become aware of His goodness. It does not matter whatever situation we are facing, we could never stop giving thanks. How great GREAT is the goodness of our Lord. Countless. Endless. Everlasting. Immeasurable.


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