Seeking Love?

Love is not feeling.
It is not a character that we can learn.
It is more than acts.
It is beyond commitments and sacrifices.
Love is Jesus.

What we see: warmness, kindness, patience, etc
are manifestations of love,
fruits of love,
deeds of love.
Love is nothing else, but Jesus.

Are you seeking love?

If we seek love in men, we will find disappointments.
When you seek love, seek Jesus. You will find love.

When we seek love, we can only find it in Jesus.
When we seek Jesus, we will find love that does not exist in anywhere else.

Seek His face please, not His hands,
You will find love.
That you are loved.
So much loved.
So deeply loved.
So greatly loved.

No matter whatever however you think you are,
you are just loved – so sincerely.

How great the love of the Father!

It is for me like unceasing water overflowing from a spring,
and I were as if a sponge that never stops absorbing His love.

Are you thirst of love?
Are you eager to love?

Have love (read: Jesus) in you.


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