BagiMu Pujian

D                      G
Kudatang padaMu
Em                   A   
Membawa pujianku
            Bm               G
Hanya kekuatan hadiratMu
                Em                A
Sanggup menjaga hatiku

D                      G
Mendekat padaMu
Em                        A   
Ku mau sentuh hatiMu
           Bm            G
Biar kumelihat kemuliaan
                Em                  A
Yang Kau sediakan bagiku

       D                          G 
BagiMu pujian hormat kemuliaan
           Em                         A
Kaulah kebanggaan di dalam hidupku
       D                          G
JanjiMu bersinar buktikan Kau besar
     Bm                          Em      A        D
Tiada yang sepertiMu Yesus Tuhanku

English Translation:

I humbly come to You
Bringing my sincere praises
Only the power of Your presence
is able to keep my heart

Coming closer to You
I want to touch Your heart
Let me see the glory that
You’ve already prepared for me

Only You are worthy of praise honor glory
Only you are my pride, You alone in my life
Shining Your promises proving that You are great
No one is ever like You, o Jesus, my Lord

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