Your Perception

If you hear some music (i.e, pop,rock,gospel) often,
it will start ringing in your ears.
Even if you don’t want it, it’ll come to your mind without any invitation.
If you see something often or something that interests you,
it will start playing in your head.
It appears suddenly and makes you think about it.
If you play some game a lot, it will try to seize your mind.
It keeps you thinking about the best strategies
or persuading you to achieve some goals.

What you percept with your eyes and your ears, sticks fast to you.
Even if it’s just some background music, some chatters,
some advertisements, behavior of people around you, etc.
These things affect your mind
and can further affect your soul and spirit.
You may unintentionally start doing what you hear or see.
You may catch yourself talk like the people around you talk.

Therefore, be selective and be careful in what you percept.
Furthermore, have a good control of yourself.


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