We are Lost

We are drunk with our worldly wine, our knowledge and inventions.
We are satisfied with our defiled lives.
We refuse to follow the righteousness we dislike.
We have forgotten our own Creator and walk by our own.
Our minds are occupied by all the worldly thoughts.
We cannot discern the truth from the lies.

Despite that, Lord God, you know that we are not totally corrupted.
We try to be upright and good in our own understanding.
We desire a good world, but we don’t know what is good.
We forsake the churches of traditions.
We are lost.

If you would have your favor and patient to teach us again,
and give us understanding,
Lord Jesus, we may come back to You.
Please don’t give up on us now.
We don’t want the dreadful hell we don’t understand.
Help us to know.
Lord, because you are good and full of mercy,
please show us the way of the truth and the life.


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